Does McDonald’s Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

Recently I found myself craving a McDonald’s Iced Coffee and due to the late hour I was worried about the caffeine load that late at night. I was sure that McDonald’s offered McDonalds Decaf Iced Coffee; why won’t they, right. Well to my dismay, I found upon arriving at my local McDonald’s that the clerk was unsure. Luckily the night manager happended to be walking by and overheard our conversation and said that officially McDonald’s Decaf Iced Coffee does not exist. In addition, she said that “there was a time that corporate considered it but it was never adapted”.  She did say however, that she would be glad to make it for me if I was willing to wait. So I did and it was worth the wait. She said that “milage may vary at other locations” but that it would not hurt to ask the on duty manager who should offer to make you a cup.

So the official answer to “Does McDonald’s have decaf iced coffee”? The answer is No. However, if you ask the manager on duty nicely you may get your wish.  Remember that since officially McDonalds does not offer decaf iced coffee and they fact that human nature is usually to take the path of least resistance; your locally McCafe’s manager may not offer to make you a cup. So ask nicely and you may get your decaf iced coffee.

So what’s the official answer to “Does McDonald’s have decaf iced coffee”? The answer is No. However, if you ask the manager on duty nicely you may bet your wish.

If you are serious on making McDonald’s add decaf iced coffee to their regular line up consider submitting your suggestion here.

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