Turn on Advanced File Sharing in XP

By default, Windows XP can share your files and documents with other users on your computer as well as on a network. Windows XP Simple File Sharing is turned on by default in Windows XP Professional. You may quickly realize that you need more functionality in your sharing than the default setting provided. If you do, this can be easily achieved by turn on advanced file sharing in XP.

Recently, I found a need to access my files from other PC’s on my local LAN. I quickly found out that I needed more control on the type of sharing offered by the simple sharing option Windows XP offers by default. In order to accomplish this, you will need to turn on Advanced File Sharing in XP. By following the simple steps outlined below you can change from simple to advanced file sharing in three steps.

Turn on Advanced File Sharing in XP

Tab view of the Folder Options Menu - Turn on Advanced File Sharing in XP


  1. First of All, run Windows Explorer (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer).
  2. Click Tools, the click Folder Options…
  3. Finally, on the View tab, under the Advanced setting: subsection local the Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended) and uncheck it.

It’s basically that easy. As a result, now you have more control over your shares. Microsoft has more information on Windows XP Simple File Sharing features.

Please note that the information provided above will have no effect if the Windows XP Professional computer is part of a Windows domain instead of a Windows workgroup. For computers who join domains, Simple File Sharing always will remain disabled.

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