Chase Hudson

Is an avid photographer, and writer with a background in Optics. He is also a pioneer in the field of invisible photography and is heralded as a rising star in the new image capturing technique of digital cave painting. He writes and blogs for fun and has published a few young adult fiction novels under two recognizable pseudonyms. If we told you which ones, we just might have to kill you. ;)
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Keyboard in blue light with a key centered in frame with the @ (at sign).

How to: Setting Up Gmail on the iPad

If you want to setup Gmail on the iPad so you could access Gmail when you are away from my desktop or on the road. Benefits over the generic Gmail set are as follows; your iPad will now store Drafts and Sent Mail in Gmail instead of storing them locally on the Device. That way if you access Gmail from your desktop or iPhone your drafts and trash will be accessible on that device. This method will also work with the iPhone.

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