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Does McDonalds Decaf Iced Coffee?

Ever Wondered: Does McDonald's Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

General Chatter, Published August 27, 2021
The next time you find yourself out late, craving that much-needed caffeine fix, but also conscious of the looming early morning ahead, a pertinent question might pop into your mind: Does McDonald's offer decaf iced coffee on their menu? Before you hastily place your order for that Joe to keep you awake, it's essential to take a moment and do a quick check on the menu. McDonald's, renowned for its extensive beverage selection, may indeed have the perfect solution to your predicament in the form of decaffeinated iced coffee. By taking a moment to read and confirm your options, you can ensure a peaceful night's rest while still enjoying your favorite coffee beverage without the caffeine-induced sleeplessness.
Factory Reset Kindle

How to Reset Your Kindle 3 to Factory Settings

Uncategorized, Published August 16, 2021
Selling or returning your Kindle 3 and need to remove your ebooks and settings? Do a factory reset in four easy steps to return your Kindle to its original factory setting.
35 Million Dollar Car Collection Found In Abandoned Barn

35 Million Dollar Car Collection Found In Abandoned Barn

General Chatter, Published July 28, 2021
New owner of small farm finds 30 million dollars worth of exotic classic cars in old barn after property had been abandoned for over fifteen years. What a find!

How to: Setting Up Gmail on the iPad

Uncategorized, Published July 2, 2018
If you want to setup Gmail on the iPad so you could access Gmail when you are away from my desktop or on the road. Benefits over the generic Gmail set are as follows; your iPad will now store Drafts and Sent Mail in Gmail instead of storing them locally on the Device. That way if you access Gmail from your desktop or iPhone your drafts and trash will be accessible on that device. This method will also work with the iPhone.