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Easy budgeting template will help you get back on track.

Mastering Your Finances with an Easy Budgeting Template

General Chatter, Published September 3, 2023
The economic forecast seems to be getting gloomier by the day. As the economy takes a dive and my savings deplete like water in a leaky bucket, I recently decided to get down to business and work on a monthly budget in an attempt to stop my leaky bucket lifestyle.

UF Student Charged with Murder

General Chatter, Published August 16, 2021
Gainesville police are seeking a murder charge against a University of Florida student after her live-in boyfriend died from a gunshot wound to the head. The accused Yasmin Nicole Linder, 19, originally from the small town of Thomasville, GA, was a 2008 honor graduate from Thomasville High School and came from a financially stable family.

Feeding the World's Hungry - Free Rice

Uncategorized, Published August 16, 2021
It's a sad truth that many people either don't know or ignore the fact that every six seconds a child dies of hunger somewhere in the world. Everyday over eight hundred fifty-four million (854,000,000) people go to bed hungry. What most people don't realize is that hunger is solvable and ANYONE can make a difference without spending a penny. You can make a difference by visiting Free, a sister site of the world poverty site Free Rice offers a free online game that helps improve your vocabulary while feeding the world's hungry. For each correct answer the site sponsors donate 20 grains of rice distributed through the UN World Food Programme.

How to Reset Kindle Series 1 or 2 to Factory Settings

Tech, Published August 16, 2021
Your Kindle series 1 or 2 crashed or selling your Kindle and need to remove your ebooks and settings? Do a factory reset in a few easy steps.

Remembering Torre Blalock

Uncategorized, Published August 16, 2021
Family and friends gathered on July 19th to remember and celebrate the life of Torre Blalock. Blalock died July 6th from a fatal gun shot wound to the head during a domestic argument with his live in girlfriend, Yasmin Linder, in their Gainesville, Florida apartment.

Enchanted Realm Game Gift Codes

General Chatter, Published July 26, 2021
File Sharing

Turn on Advanced File Sharing in XP

Tech, Published August 21, 2016
Quick guide on how to turn on Windows Advance File Sharing on Windows Vista or XP.

Bill Clinton Speaks at the 2012 DNC - Full Speech

Headline, Published September 5, 2012
A full video and transcript of former President Bill Clinton's speech Wednesday night at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

General Chatter, Published January 29, 2012
The Peace Prayer of St. Francis is a famous prayer which first appeared around the year nineteen hundreds, and which embodies the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi's simplicity and poverty.

Gamma88 - Does it Really Work?

Uncategorized, Published September 15, 2011
Save $3500 to $8500 on Fuel Costs Per Year with Gamma88. Its ester base and ability to enhance the lubricity and combustion properties of fuels and oils while helping to decrease the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

Mangosteen: The Queen of Fruits

Uncategorized, Published November 1, 2010
The mangosteen, nicknamed the “Queen of Fruits” is a small spherical fruit about the size of a tangerine, but with a skin that is very dark purple, and quite thick, reaching 10 millimeters in thickness. Inside is a soft white sectioned middle. The edible sections may or may not contain a small seed. The taste is quite sweet, but with a hint of sourness. Uses It Members Contacts to SPAM

Uncategorized, Published October 24, 2010
", formerly known as, is one of the most annoying and sleaziest spams and misrepresentations going right now". Quoted from Consumer Fraud Reporting