Palin and her faith

As many have noted, Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for Vice-President, is a Catholic turned Evangelical. One big question about Palin is how her deterministic view of God’s will in world affairs influences her decision-making on issues ranging from the Middle East to the environment, sexuality to education. CNN Reports on GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s spiritual journey and religious outlook. Should we be worried?

Feeding the World’s Hungry – Free Rice

It’s a sad truth that many people either don’t know or ignore the fact that every six seconds a child dies of hunger somewhere in the world. Everyday over eight hundred fifty-four million (854,000,000) people go to bed hungry. What most people don’t realize is that hunger is solvable and ANYONE can make a difference without spending a penny.

You can make a difference by visiting Free, a sister site of the world poverty site Free Rice offers a free online game that helps improve your vocabulary while feeding the world’s hungry. For each correct answer the site sponsors donate 20 grains of rice distributed through the UN World Food Programme.

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