Days Inn – Gainesville, Florida

Days Inn, Gaineville FloridaStayed at the Days Inn in Gainesville, Florida today even though this Days Inn was $20 more expensive than the Motel 6 which I have stayed at before. I decided to pay the extra $20 because I thought I would get a slightly better room for the extra fee. Boy, what a mistake! Motel 6 is like the Ritz compared to this place.

As I said I usually stay at another nationwide brand but wanted to try another place closer to the Oaks Mall; off of I-75 exit 387 where I was going to meet some friends for breakfast before moving on to Atlanta. Well it was my first and absolutely my last stay at this dump. The place was basically a roach motel. Real live roach on the bed, the nasty German kind. If it wasn’t the beginning of the new semester at the University of Florida and every other place was filled I would have “evacuated” immediately. I can’t believe I actually stayed — The roof of the room was water damaged and looked like it was about to cave in on me and probably did at some point because it smelled like mold and the carpet was damp. The bed was on some 2×4’s and the tub looked like something from “The Hills Have Eyes“. The outside of the place look like it had recently been renovated, but take my word for it that’s where the work stopped. Rooms, or at least room 227, is horrid. Heed my warning steer clear of this place.



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