How to Reset Your Kindle 3 to Factory Settings

Selling or returning your Kindle 3 and need to remove your ebooks and settings? Do a factory reset in four easy steps to return your Kindle to its original factory setting.

  1. Wake your Kindle 3 from Sleep.
  2. Go to the home screen. Press ‘Home’.
  3. Press the Menu button, scroll to Settings.
  4. Press the ‘Menu’ button again, select Reset to Factory Defaults (Factory Settings)

Like magic, your Kindle 3 is now reset to its original factory settings. That means that all your data, including wi-fi settings, ebooks, registration, and any settings made by you, are now gone for good. You can now return or resell your Kindle 3 without worrying about any personal data being left behind.

Update: For information on resetting first-generation Kindle or Kindle 2, please read this post.


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