A Review of Graze Snacks with a Free Graze Promo Code

Back in January, during my bi-monthly visits to our corporate office, I had notice a few brown boxes just about in every cubicle labeled Graze. After my second visit in late January I could not hold my curiosity at bay. I finally asked a co-worker “What gives with the boxes?” — “There Graze Snacks”, “Graze Snacks?” I was promptly told, “Graze Snacks arrive in the mail and are a delicious and healthy way to curve hunger while at work”. Another co-worker exclaimed from across the room. He promptly pointed at the info pamphlet on the community board.

I was promptly given a Graze Promo Code (see below for yours) and decided to give it a try since one of my new year resolutions was to cut out candy bars. I followed the instructions to get my Free Graze Snacks using a Graze Promo Code for basically two free boxes.

After my first free box arrived I have to say I was hooked. I save one pack for everyday and have them delivered weekly. No more candy bars and hello healthy snacks.

Get yours free box today! See below for details on how to get your free boxes with the Graze Promo Code just for you.

Who is Graze?
Graze Logo with Tagline Snacking Reinvented TrademarkGraze was founded back in 2009 and is a UK based company that delivers natural food, particularly fruits and vegetables to your home or work place by postal mail.

How does Graze work?
Graze touts over 100 delicious snacks and have a proprietary algorithm that customizes each and every boxes shipped to you by post. Boxes are shipped free and range in price from $6.99 for a 4 snack variety box and $11.99 for an 8 snack variety box. Graze Snacks also come with different taste in mind, for example you can pick up a Sugar Count Box, also $6.99, for the sugar conscious individual that offers under 5 grams of sugar per pack or the Calorie Count Box which boast under 150 calories for each pack also only $6.99.

How do I get started?
You love a good deal especially when its free Graze Snacks! With the Graze Promo Code below, you’ll get two free boxes. You’ll get your first four pack, all-natural healthy, snack box in the post right after following the steps below:

Graze Promo Code for Two Graze Boxes

Ticket with a Graze Promo Code KJHDKNL5P

  • Read all bullets/steps before proceeding with your Graze Promo Code.
  • Use this -> link <- to visit Graze with the promo code preloaded or click the “your reward code ticket” also preloaded.
  • Don’t worry your code is preloaded, you will then need to click the “get started now” box in the middle of the page and follow the steps below:
  1. First you will need to decided if you would rather have a “4 Snack Variety Box” or a “Calorie Count Box“.
  2. Choose wether you want your box delivered to your place of work or home.
  3. Next you will enter your name, email address and choose a password.
  4. Next you will find a check box labeled “do you have any allergies?” — Note that if you have any food allergies, specifically related to nuts, you cannot continue as their food is packaged in an environment where nuts are present.
  5. Next step will be to enter you zip code for the shipping address.
  6. Next you will be prompted to enter you full shipping address and request to confirm it.
  7. You will then be asked to enter you credit card details. Don’t worry, your card will not be charged for the first box as it is free as will your fifth box.
  8. Finally Graze will ask you about what types of food you like or dislike. Make sure to complete this prior to completing your signup, otherwise you might be shipped something that you dont like.
  9. Bingo — Just sit back and relax and wait for your Graze Snacks to arrive in the post.

Hurry and use the Graze promo code above while it last. Don’t miss out on your free boxes — Try them you’ll for yourself; they are the most addicting snacks around. Enjoy!