How to Unlock the SPA2002-ER

A few months back, I purchase two used SPA2002-ER on eBay for use with my two HP 7410 All-in-One Printer (two different locations) to send out fax over VOIP. Luckily when I setup the first SPA2002 I had no problems access the administration area. However, recently I finally got around to setting up the second SPA2002 and I notice that it was not unlocked. I found

WARNING: Following these instructions will reset ALL configuration on your device!

Take your phone and pick up (green button :P) then enter the following, after the asterisks you’ll hear your adapter speaking to you, just ignore it. At the end, hang up!

* * * * 7 3 7 3 8 # 1

Your adapter should now be reset, and you can call it to hear your IP address (logging into your routers admin interface might be more convenient though).

* * * * 1 1 0 #

Call the above “number” to have the adapter tell you it’s IP.

Now enter that IP into your browser of choice, and you’ll be able to access the admin features without a password. If you are on an open network, or plan to be, I suggest setting a fairly decent password for the device.

For those of you who have a need to unlock the SPA2002-ER that has NEVER seen the network or been provisioned, it’s easy. Connect it to a sandbox network (no real internet access) and go to it’s configuration page. Hit admin login, and connect as:
user: admin
pass: 0rLhnT34vBg2SqwbSoDyGslvF

Then hit advanced and proceed to remove all references to earthlink from the configuration. Pay careful attention to completely remove the provisioning rule… Once done, reconnect to the network, hit linksys and download the newest spa2002 firmware (3.1.18 right now) and proceed to flash your full version firmware to the device.

Congratz, you now have a spa2002-na!


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