Using Google’s Gmail

As an early adopter to Google Gmail and a regular user, I could not imagine a day without a visit to Google’s fantastic email client. Gmail includes excellent spam protection, phishing warnings and virus scanning; ultimate organization, conversation view, POP3 and IMAP access and currently 8 GB of inbox storage that continues to grow every day. [1. Top Ten Reviews –] I can’t think of any reason not to use Gmail. It is by far the best free email client out there. So if your not using gmail yet I urge you to get on the bandwagon and open a new Gmail account today. Once you do, you will find the following videos helpful in finding your way around the interface.

1. Overview of Gmail Interface, 2. Updating the Contacts Section in Gmail, 3. Composing Mail in Gmail, 4. Using the Gmail Inbox, 5. Using Search in Gmail [2. Video’s embedding courtesy of eHow]

1. Overview of Gmail Interface

2. Updating the Contacts Section in Gmail

3. Composing Mail in Gmail

4. Using the Gmail Inbox

5. Using Search in Gmail