What’s In Your Bottled Water?

The US Government is thinking of cracking down on bottled water manufactures. Many test results favor tap water over the many national brands of bottled water on the market. As bottled water sales skyrocket, it has become common place to spend as much as 1000% over the cost of tap water. Leading bottlers to spend millions on marketing to make us to believe that the water used in these expensive bottled alternatives are better from you because they come from mountain artisan wells. What you may not know is that some bottled water may not be as pure as it is advertised. Truth is, if your lucky, there’s a good chance that your favorite bottled water comes from the same place your tap does — your municipal water supply. However, since bottlers are not required to label the product with where the water was obtained, its possible that the ice cold bottle water you had yesterday could have been filtered and filled from a contaminated source.

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