What is RapidShare?

In layman`s terms, as the name suggests, RapidShare is an easy way of sharing your files with anyone you want through the internet. It is a German based company that allows file hosting or web hosting from the user`s hard disk to a remote server location by just a click. The headquarters of RapidShare is located at Switzerland and the site is the 17th most visited globally. The company initially operated through the ‘RapidShare.de’ that used the German domain ‘de’. But then the traffic to that site became so high and that the servers, given their limited capacity could not handle it efficiently. So another site ‘RapidShare.com’ was opened to re-route some of the traffic and work through two different servers, combined together, to give a higher capacity. So basically RapidShare is a place where you can store your files which can be used by anyone across the globe.

RapidShare exists ‘for’ the people and ‘by’ the people. Confusing?? Well RapidShare contains almost all types of file that can be downloaded. Games, serials, songs, movies etc. of all genres are available and can be downloaded at ease with just a click away. Now the prime question is where did all this input come from?? The answer is: you!! People around the world are uploading files every second so that it will be viewed and downloaded by users through the globe. So basically RapidShare acts like a global ‘sink’ where you can store your files and perennially as a global ‘source’ where you can find any file you want to download.

RapidShare is used by people throughout the world to upload and download files. When users upload the necessary files that require storage in the global level, a link is provided by RapidShare which can be shared among your friends who can download the uploaded file by clicking on the link. The link is primarily a pointer to the address location of the file in the server. This process or facility can be used for free or by paying a monthly subscription free. By choosing the former option, you are a free user which means the download speed and the capacity is limited and less bandwidth is allocated for your sake by the hosting server. But by the latter option, you choose to be a ‘premium’ user wherein your speed is more, more bandwidth is allocated by the server and you don`t have to wait for the download to start, its instant.

There are many other sites that offer the same file hosting service like the bit torrent which provides the service through torrents which needs to be downloaded by a connecting to a server location through a torrent. RapidShare provides easy hosting services that are ‘just a click away’. In RapidShare you don`t have to seed the file once you have downloaded it, so there is no feeling of being a leecher in RS. The speed offered by RS is more and it doesn’t broadcast you IP address through the world perhaps offering you a safe manner in which your file can be hosted. All these make RS more preferred that Bit Torrent.


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12 years ago

Rapidshare is the site that allow you to upload your file to the site and share it other people to get your file. you should not upload any illegal files, or else your file will be erase.